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Entry # 12: Be a Website Developer!

Since the inception of this blog, I have already shared several ways on how to make money online. Let me just do a recap of what I have already shared. One is to do Affiliate Marketing through Amazon, Shopee, Lazada and Zalora. Second is through Google AdSense. I have also shared about my side hustle with the International Marketing Group plus my dropshipping business. For this post, I will be sharing with you the skill I was able to develop that gave birth to which is website development. Nowadays, creating a website has never been so easy. Decades ago you need to know to code to create a website. I recalled that I got my first interest in Technology when I was working under the HR Department and every time I have to make an announcement, I would like to make the announcement looks like it was taken from a website. My interest grew furthermore when I was fortunate to be included in the in-house MBA Program of the company and the thesis I chose was all about E-Commerce. I remember my hubby back then will ask me what I would like to receive for special occasions such as during my birthday or our anniversary. He was somehow not expecting that I would request for tech gadgets rather than chocolates or flowers or go out on a fancy dinner. My interest in Technology becomes even more apparent last year when I was doing my job hunting here in Malaysia. In between, I will attend different training previews and start working on my website where I do my blogging. It was also last year that gave birth to our online stores. My husband and I also started working on a mobile app but we have to shelve the project back then as we prioritized dropshipping. Now going back to our topic, I created my website using Wix as I find it very appealing since it is very easy to use. It’s drag and drop editor is very user friendly to a beginner like me. No coding skills are required and the workflow is very smooth. Apart from my website, I have also created our homeowner’s association and my brother’s portfolio websites using Wix. As for our online store, my hubby and I decided to use WordPress for ShopViviLulu – our online store. Like Wix, I find it very appealing due to its extremely customizable designs, features and functionalities. It is also easy to install third-party plug-ins and there is voluminous information available online about WordPress. However, since it is open-source, if you have a problem with your WordPress website and you are not a developer, it might be a little bit of a challenge. Luckily, being married to an IT guy has its perks. But if you asked me if I ever have monetized this website development skill of mine, it is quite unfortunate I have not. Nonetheless, it’s giving me a sense of fulfillment and pride every time I looked at what I have accomplished. Who knows that in the coming months, Lady Luck might smile at me. Stay Wealthy and SAFE!

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