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Entry # 1: Monetizing Me.

Hey there!

I'm Dhes and welcome to my website! I am a mother of two beautiful girls and just like you, I dream to achieve financial freedom at the earliest possible time. I dread the day when retirement arrives and I am not financially ready. I dream of a comfortable retirement and do not wish to become a burden to my children. In my desire to achieve this goal, I have tried different ways to earn passive income. I created this website for the purpose of being able to share my personal experiences as I try different ways to create multiple streams of income. That's why I called it "monetizing me". It's how I as an individual, monetize my skill sets and talent. Although I could have done it in a traditional way I chose the digital realm which is now the current "in" thing do.

It is also my aim to create a community of small business owners that will help one another by promoting and patronizing their respective products. I do hope you take time to sign-up to be part of the community.

There will be a portion of the website called a "wish list". It is a collection of items that you would like to have that can be be bought online. It is more of a social experiment for me to show how we can help one another through Affiliate Marketing, one way to make money online. I will share more details about Affiliate Marketing in a future post.

In the meantime, let me just share with you the source of my inspiration to do this.


Talk back to me if you want to share something!

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