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Entry #6: Featured Entrepreneur: Dannie Charizze Tan Roble of Danie's Cake House

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

As I have shared on my previous blog, one of the objective of this website is not just to monetize but to help as well fellow entrepreneurs like me especially Moms (I have my biases ;-)) to have internet exposure and help them market their products and services. For this post, I will be featuring my dear friend and neighbor DANNIE CHARIZZE TAN ROBLE whom we fondly call Madhen. Madhen, a mother of three beautiful kids and married to one of the Board of Director of our subdivison’s homeowner’s association was influenced by her mother to bake. She recalled spending a lot of time in her uncle’s bakeshop playing with flour and eggs at the age of six. A self-taught baker, she jokingly shared that she is a graduate of Google College, Master in Youtube University and has a Doctorate Degree in Cake Design on Pinterest University!

The very first time that she was able to monetize her passion was when she was in Grade 6. She baked crinkles in a toaster just using a regular crinkle mix and sold it for one peso! She also recalled the very first time that she baked from scratch was a chocolate cupcake which she said doesn't taste good!

But over the years, Madhen has definitely honed her baking skills which her friends and customers can certify. My personal favorite is her banana loaf. I love how crisp is the side of the loaf but soft and chewy in the inside. I highly recommend that you also try her chocolate mousse cake, yema cake and cupcakes. She has been somewhat the official go-to baker whenever there is a need for a birthday cake in the subdivision. She can also make baptismal, wedding, money, fondant and doll cakes.

When asked if she will put up her own bakeshop in the future, she has a ready reply of BIG NO as she doesn't want to stress herself with things such as inventory monitoring, managing people and other tasks that goes into running a bakeshop. She is happy to do this business on the side and on her free-time.

So to all Lapu Lapu City peeps, please visit her Facebook account, Danie’s Cake House to see for yourself how mouth watering her creations are! Let us support and help one another as we worked on our respective dream of achieving financial freedom!

Stay Wealthy!

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