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Entry # 7: IMG (International Marketing Group)

Hi everyone!

I would just like to pay tribute to this company that has been a source of my additional income for a year now. Since my website is dedicated to find ways on how to make money though this may not be digitally, I do believe it deserve a spot here in my blog. IMG or International Marketing Group is one of the few companies of its kind in the industry today; a company which caters to the financial needs of every individual and families who wish to attain financial independence. IMG is a financial educator, who has established agreements with many of the world's leading financial services companies who offer a broad array of financial products & services.

My wedding godmother and my first supervisor when I was working in Aboitiz invited me way back in 2013 to join IMG through Skype. I was not ready yet during that time as I have hesitations to make a commitment to become a member. In 2016, we have extra funds back then and was looking for an investment vehicle. At that time, I was trying to call my Financial Advisor who is based in Manila so I can check with him if there is an investment vehicle that he can recommend. However, I cannot seem to get hold of him so I decided to proceed to that insurance company’s office in Lapu lapu City. I met one of the Financial Advisor (who became my recruiter) who invited me to join the company so I will be the agent for my own policy. It seems the timing is right during that time so I joined that “green company”. I am grateful for all the learning I gained and cherished the friendships I made during my stay with that company.

However, when I was asked to managed an export company by the cousin of my best friend in college, I find it an inconvenient every time I have a closed sale since I will end up filing a leave of absence from my regular work just to process my submission. This prompted me to go back to my wedding godmother and ask her how they do things in IMG. I was glad to hear when I was told that in IMG you can do online submission of your closed cases. I did not waste time to attend the membership orientation in IMG’s office in JY Mall, Lahug and immediately processed my membership and Kaiser plan so I can do the business side of IMG.

After a month of being a business partner and meeting the required number of sale, I was promoted as Marketing Director which translate to an increase on my commission. IMG has been providing me very good opportunities to earn additional income. I do not mean to brag but my combined last two commission statement alone is more than what a starting manager earns in a corporate world.

For those who are looking for a side hustle, IMG is a very good one. I also regard this company as a business with a heart as it takes its role of educating Filipino families about financial literacy seriously. From our team alone, I see my team mates doing this as mission more than just as a business. They were so passionate about educating and helping other people realized the importance of having protection (health and life insurance), managing one’s debts, creating an emergency fund and the value of consistent saving and investing.

Other things I loved about IMG is that it doesn't have business practices that is disadvantageous to its business partners like me. Unlike with other insurance companies, they do not have such a thing as 3MZ or three-month zero termination. With my previous and other insurance companies, if you do not make a sale within three months, your franchise will be terminated. IMG do not also have demotion of their business partners. Again, with other insurance companies, if you are a Unit Head (equivalent to Senior Marketing Director in IMG) and you do not meet the number of recruits and sales, you will be demoted. I am glad that I joined IMG as I can still do the business here in Malaysia since almost all of the transactions can be done online.

With its new target of 10 million financially educated families by 2025, IMG is determined to provide people all over the world with a financial education that empowers every individual to have a better future.

To join, just click the link provided in this blog, or you send me an email at dheschua@gmail. com or send me a message through this website.

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