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Entry #8: Amazon Affiliate Program

I am aware that in my previous post that I have mentioned that in one of the seminars I have attended of a well-known e-commerce guru here in Malaysia & Singapore, he recommended that in choosing an affiliate program, it is wise to go local. So I followed his advise and I did so by signing up with Lazada PH, Shopee PH and Zalora PH. However, for some reason, my applications are still pending. There have been a back and forth communication as to the things that are missing in my application, issues about my log-in credentials and so on so forth.

I got frustrated that I decided to give it a try to sign-up with Amazon and to my surprise, it took only less than a day. I went to their website, sign-up, receive an email and they made a verification through the phone and that's it! I can now start the Amazon Associates Program!

I can start advertising on my website and I need to make at least three qualified sales within 180 days to avoid termination of my account. My websites will be reviewed by their specialists if I am meeting the necessary qualified traffic to Amazon. I now have full access to Amazon Associates Central where I can learn how to start, create and build links to start earning, be updated into the program and tap into the associate community. And of course, let us not forget the 10% commission I will get for every successful sale.

The same thing with Rakuten Affiliate Network, the application was easy and speedy. Rakuten was voted as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network that handles the affiliate programs of many vendors such as Udemy, Shareasale, Meli Melo and other recognized brands. So instead of applying one by one to these different affiliate programs, Rakuten will do it for us.

I am also glad that we were able to troubleshoot now our issue on how to upload the iframe of Amazon to our website which was the reason why the Wishlist section has been deactivated for weeks now. Our Wishlist is now ready to accept your wishes. My primary idea for the Wishlist is that it will act as a gift registry. This will provide trouble-free online shopping for your relatives and friends as we populate your page with all the items you wish for. For you, it will be no longer a hit and miss things of the gifts that you want as it will be no longer a guessing game for your gift giver. You just refer them to your Wishlist page and they can choose from the list of your gifts they would like to buy for you.

For now, we will be sourcing it out from Amazon as I still wait for the approval of my application with Lazada, Zalora and Shopee.

I’ll come back again with this topic hopefully with positive results with all the affiliate programs we signed up with. As for my next post, it will be all about Dropshipping so watch out for it!

Stay Wealthy!

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